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Betech turns 100 in Denmark

- as well as 15 years in China and 10 years in Norway

During the anniversary year 2022, we will publish a series of short articles based on research and interviews. Through fifteen visits back in history, we follow the company's remarkable development back from 1922 to what we know today as Betech.

Get the stories here - there should probably be a surprise or two hidden for both employees, customers, and suppliers in the hundred-year history.

Get the stories here (in Danish)

Welcome to Betech

Here, you find the broadest range in the industry.
But feel free to expect even more.

Our company is built on the idea supplying solid technical products and materials to industries. This is what we now have been doing for one century.

Having the best expertise and access to the broadest range of products in our field, this is our professional pride.

Providing competent advice and solutions that improve the customer's product and competitive edge, this is the mission we obligate to.

You will meet the specialist through the personal collaboration with our teams of customer consultantsproduct experts and coordinators.

Watch the short film here, and you will quickly understand your versatile possibilities with us!

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