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Applications in seating

Betech produces solid and innovative solutions for use in chairs and other types of furniture. These solutions often have a practical/mechanical function, but also include moulded parts and components that are for purely design-related purposes.

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Seat motions for chairs and stools

The human anatomy is not made for fixed chairs or low, soft seating. A static seating position becomes uncomfortable and restless because it restricts blood circulation between torso and legs. An angled seat allows for better blood flow. A rocking motion also has a stimulating and relaxing effect and is conducive to concentration.

Many ergonomic solutions are characterised by relatively large scope for movement and are primarily designed for large office chairs and armchairs. Studies from back in the 1990s show that a stimulating and ergonomic positive effect is achieved by even modest seat movement. Expansive movement is not necessary. Office furniture can also have many advanced adjustment options that are seldom used, or are set up incorrectly by the user. There is an obvious demand for simpler, user-friendly chairs and stools with ergonomic qualities.

Tilter® technology from Betech gives the designer a compact and simple solution for active seats; a visionary contribution to a definite trend. And the user will be very aware that they are sitting on a very versatile and usable item of seating furniture. Tilter® exploits the “Stretch-and-retract” principle in a fully-vulcanised rubber spring system. The principle continues the self levelling and soft motion that we are familiar with from a classic rocking chair. In contrast to a mechanical spring system or a single-fixture rubber damper, Tilter® offers a more comfortable seating experience that never squeaks, as mechanical friction is not possible in the bound system.

In addition to the Tilter® series, Betech supplies other rubber-based components for rocker functions in furniture.

Product types for seat motions

Tilter® products for seat motions

Rubber part for torsion spring

Stabilizer for movable footrest

Products for funiture and chairs

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Noice damping and motion control

Moving parts and sounds (especially rattles and squeaks!) play a crucial role in the user’s experience of a piece of furniture that the user is in close contact with. Sensory contact is pronounced in chairs and other seating furniture and can if they have a recurring sound or impaired movement lead to an otherwise well designed and practical furniture being rejected.

Betech is able to contribute with both visible and hidden components that use the unique characteristics of polymer materials to dampen and control sound and mechanical movements.

Product types for damping and control

Buffers for neck rests

Tilter® Rec 'LINE

Products for funiture and chairs

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Various functions in work chairs

A lot of furniture and associated equipment based on hard, smooth constructions made from aluminium, steel and ABS plastic and similar materials has special challenges, such as retention, joints and transitions. This may involve a mechanical function,a visualdesign-related function or a combination of the two.

Betech can contribute with both visible and hidden components that use the unique properties of polymer materials to create friction, flexibility or filler in interaction with load bearing structures and associated equipment.

Product types for various funktions

Gliders for school chair

Friction components for clamping on cylinders and cones

Products for funiture and chairs

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Webbing in chair frames

A webbed chair base can be performed in various materials.

Woven textile webbing results in a relatively firm and non-elastic base that is used either in combination with a seat cushion or functions as the actual seat of the chair (visible webbing).

Rubber webbing with in-moulded textile weave (“Pirelli strap”) has slightly more elastic characteristics but it may be a little troublesome to mount an entire seat with consistent stretch of all straps.

A moulded rubber webbing like the Fagas™ strap provides the most elastic and lasting comfort. The original Fagas™ rubber strap with moulded-in metal hooks is used as webbing in several classic seats.


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From the end of the 1940s to the middle of the 1970s, famous Danish designers Arne Wahl Iversen, Hans Wegner and Ib Kofod-Larsen etc. designed armchairs and sofas, which have since become furniture classics. Swedish manufacturers such as DUX (Folke Olsson) and OPE-möbler were also responsible for classics, which are sold and exported worldwide: “Scandinavian Modern Classics” is currently extremely popular among collectors and furniture enthusiasts in the UK, USA, Asia and the Middle East.

Correspondingly, the Fagas™ strap has been produced since the beginning of the 1950s and is thus the original spare part for these popular items of furniture. A hard-wearing and correctly matched quality rubber provides chairs with their intended seating comfort.

Seating comfort and sense of quality can be returned to old furniture by installing new Fagas™ rubber straps, with full respect for the original craftsmanship and design. Replacement of the straps in the seat frame is extremely easy, thanks to the moulded-in metal hooks. The original Fagas™ rubber strap will prevent saggy webbing and creaking from the webbing attachment.

Originally, the straps were produced in Copenhagen at the rubber factory J. M. Birking & Co, which was founded back in 1931. This is the reason why many people know these rubber straps under the name J. M. Birking, which were also embossed in the surface along with the Fagas trade mark. In 1985, J. M. Birking & Co was bought out by Codan Gummi A/S, the internationally renowned Danish manufacturer of rubber products, which later changed its name to Codan Tech and to day Betech.

Betech continues to manufacture the original Fagas™ straps, using exactly the same specifications and methods as back in the day when the furniture was developed.

Product types for seat webbing

Products for funiture and chairs

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Fagas Strap, infosheet

Fagas Strap, infosheet

Fagas - The original seat strap. Product information, mounting, maintenance and size selection guide.