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Applications in offshore and process industry

Betech has found success with solid solutions for both general and specially demanding applications. Throughout technical industry.

See examples of applications and related product types here.

Piping / Flanges

Flanged connections, extensive piping runs and large sprawling complexes are where you will find many of Betech’s products. In media like hydrocarbons, corrosives, steam, boiler feed, acids, caustics, solvents etc., Betech has products for every application to offer.

Flange types



Relevant flange gaskets types, standards and approvals

Betech supply spiral wound gaskets (SWG), graphite gaskets, compressed fibre gasket and others according to:

  • ASME B16.50 flanger
  • ASME B16.47 Series B / API-605 flanger
  • ASME B16.47 Series A / MSS-SP-44 flanger
  • ASME/ANSI B16.5 og Slip-on flanger
  • NORSOK L-001
  • EN1514-2 form A+B

Anticorrosive Flange Rescue Gaskets (FRG)

The Flange Rescue Gasket (FRG) enables bolted joints to be easily and effectively sealed to prevent internal corrosion. The soft modified PTFE inner ring of the FRG
conforms seamlessly to the flange face, even if already damaged. With FRG you obtain several benefits:

  • Time saving and less lost production
  • Major cost saving when compared with replacing flanges, welding and machining
  • Back, up running within a day
  • Used until next scheduled flange maintenance work

Fire Safe gaskets with API approval

The FRG can be provided with a fire-safe solution with API 6FB approval for use by engineers dealing with corrosion damaged flange faces, in challenging environments, such as hydrocarbon containing systems.


Flange Rescue Gasket as RTJ (FRG-RJ)

The Flange Rescue Gasket is also available in a Ring Type Joint version (FRG-RJ).

Product types for piping

Gaskets made from solid Rubber

Gaskets made from Graphite

Gaskets made from metal or Semimetals

Gaskets made from Fibre-based materials

Corrosion-proofing gaskets - Flexitallic® Flange Rescue Gasket™ (FRG)

Ring Type Joints (RTJ)


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Heat Exchanger

In heat exchanger equipment, flanges and bolts tend to expand and contract. The compressive force is typically increased to counteract the effects. In order to fulfil these demands Betech has a range of gaskets available depending on the specific temperature, medium and pressure.

Spiral Wound Gasket (SWG)

  • Developed for TEMA flange.
  • Available in a wide range of materials.
  • Used where thermal cycling, pressure variations, flange rotation, stress relaxation and creep is of importance.
  • For all concentrations of sulphure and other acids or bases.
  • Robust to radial shear effects.
  • Good thermal conductivity.

Kamm Profile Gasket

  • Enhanced compressibility for low bolt load.
  • Robust to radial shear effects.
  • Excellent low stress seating characteristics.
  • Seals on poor flange finish.
  • Used where thermal cycling, pressure variations, flange rotation, stress relaxation and creep is of importance.
  • Can be manufactured with an outer ring for correct gasket positioning within the mating flange bolt circle.

Metal Reinfored Gasket (MRG)

  • The steel core provides high gasket blow-out strength and rigidity.
  • The soft facing provide an exceptional gasket seal.
  • It is the ability to flow easily into the flange faces that allows for high integrity seal, even under low applied seating stresses.
  • Suitable up to class 900 Lbs.
  • The MRG gasket is predominantly utilized on heat exchanger applications, primarily replacing C.A.F, double jacketed and soft iron gaskets.

Ring Type Joint Gaskets (RTJ)

  • Ring type joints excel in high-pressure applications such as oil and gas exploration and production. RTJs are also used on valves and pipework assemblies in refineries and other process industries.
  • Available in both oval and octagonal profiles, standard style R ring type joints.
  • Manufactured to meet both API 6A and ASME B16.20 sizes and ratings.
  • Also available are Style RX ring type joints which energizes on assembly. This type is designed to fit the same groove as a style R therefore making them interchangeable.
  • RTJ gaskets can be supplied in a wide range of stainless steels, Inconel alloys and other special metals. Coatings available include zinc, Xylan and silver.
  • Are often used in heat exchanger tube inlet/outlet applications above 600 Lbs.
  • Are designed to concentrate the bolt load over a small area thus producing high seating stresses.

Product types for heat exchanger

Spiral Wound Gaskets (SWG)

Spiral Wound Gasket (SWG) with Flexitallic® Thermiculite®

Kammprofile Gaskets

Metal Reinforced Gaskets (MRG)

Ring Type Joints (RTJ)

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Exhaust Manifold

Exhaust manifolds are characterised by high temperature and a continuously turbulence. Betech offers a wide variation of possible flange gasket solutions which are especially developed for Turbine Exhaust Ducting applications.

Ceramic cords coiled on spools

The ceramic cord is a basic low-cost material that can be rolled out on the square flanges directly from the spool. Disadvantages: In relative short term, the cord will be dissolved or destroyed by turbulence from the application.

Metal Reinforced Gaskets (MRG) added API 607 approved facing material

The MRG gasket with an API 607 approved material as facing material can be designed and manufactured to fit directly to the flanges. The steel will control the compression of the facing material and secure correct surface pressure without destroying the gasket. It is a good, easy handled gasket that fulfils the purpose in this application environment.

Product types for manifold

Metal Reinforced Gaskets (MRG)

Kammprofile Gaskets

Made-up steel packing (Thermopack)

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Gas Turbine / Clutch

As regards gas turbine applications, Betech has proven its capability to supply a various number of gaskets and seals including improvement of the customers’ existing gaskets.

Product types for gas turbines

Graphite gaskets with Nickel reinforcement

Braided Graphite reinforced Packing

Gaskets made from Fibre-based materials

Spiral Wound Gaskets (SWG)

Shims materials

Gaskets made from Cellulose materials

Rubber gaskets, including O-rings

Gaskets made from PTFE materials

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Wellhead (Subsea drilling)

Numerous gaskets, seals, O-rings and moulded rubber parts are critical components in advanced Subsea production equipment such as mobile inspection units, drilling tools, wellheads, valves and cylinders in trees, templates and manifolds. As regards physical and resistance properties as well as practical opportunities of manufacturing, Betech is your specialist in sealing materials.

Ring Type Joint Gaskets for Subsea (RTJ-S)

At water depths between 4,000 and 10,000 ft. the hydrostatic pressure is not only high but also contains internal system pressures. Such critical applications underwater demand special subsea gaskets instead of the regular Ring Type Joint Gaskets.

Subsea versions in all RTJ styles with pressure balance holes are available for underwater utilization to prevent pressure lock when connections are made up underwater.

The Ring Type Joints for Subsea have the SRX and SBX series, the “S” prefix for Subsea. These gaskets have intersecting vent holes that allow a pressure less metal to metal initial contact between the flanges and groove underwater. This vent hole lets any water trapped between a ring groove bottom and the sealing area of the gasket to escape that can interfere with make-up underwater.

SBX and SRX types are designed and manufactured for topside and subsea blow-out preventers with the API Standard 17 D for use on subsea wellhead and Christmas tree equipment.

High Performance Elastomers

EnDura® is an ultimate range of elastomers for sealing applications in the world’s most aggressive high pressure environments.

As an example – unlike traditional EPDM materials – EnDura E90SR withstands high temperature up to 290°C and high pressures, with excellent resistance to rapid gas decompression. These properties make the new material ideal for use in anaerobic high-temperature environments such as those encountered in geothermal applications and enhanced oil recovery applications.

EnDura® materials and our collection of other elastomer compounds are available as O-rings, T-seals and custom moulded parts.

Flange Rescue Gasket Subsea (FRG-SS)

In response to engineer demand for a Flange Rescue Gasket for subsea use, and analysis of the challenges of this environment, an adapted FRG SS has been developed with additional functionality to promote safe practice in this environment.

  • An additional identification handle allows easy installation for deep sea divers and prevent incidents
  • All benefits of the standard FRG gasket:
    • anticorrosion
    • easy installation
    • sealing for damaged flange faces
    • reduced maintenance


Bellows and flexible covers

As protective covering and sealing for moving parts in subsea equipment, Betech provides customized, accurate rubber bellows and flexible covers.

Besides the practical need for protection of the mechanical equipment, a correct covering also gives financial advantage of increasing service life.

Bellows and covers are made of materials and qualities that fulfil all demands in the offshore and subsea industry.

Wear rings, Rod and Piston seals

Betech supplies leak-preventing wear rings, rod and piston seals for applications in wellhead and drilling equipment. The sealing systems are based on excellent

materials from world leading, specialized manufacturers.

Product types for wellhead (subsea drilling)

Ring Type Joints (RTJ-S)

Corrosion-proofing gaskets (FRG) - Flexitallic® Flange Rescue Gasket™

Hydraulic or Pneumatic Seals

Bellows, Boots and Covers

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Sealing solutions for Offshore Industry

 Sealing solutions for Offshore Industry

offshore and Oil/Gas applications such as heat exchanger, piping, gas turbine, exhaust manifold, subsea and drilling.

Choosing gaskets, a compendium

Choosing gaskets, a compendium

Key considerations for decision on packing types and packing material.

Flexitallic Thermiculite material

Flexitallic Thermiculite material

Intense heat. Extreme cold. Aggressive chemicals. Thermiculite® is an innovative, versatile and complete gasket material, making it the industry’s leading sealing solution. (FLEX001)

Flexitallic Corriculite material

Flexitallic Corriculite material

Corriculite is the new industry standard for sealing solutions in corrosive environments. A winning combination of optimum sealing and anti-corrosion properties. (CORR001)

Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets

Flexitallic Spiral Wound Gaskets

Driven by the industry's need for safe, effective sealing solutions for increasingly demanding applications, Flexitallic invented the spiral wound gasket. (FLEX003)

Flexitallic Change Gasket

Flexitallic Change Gasket

Change gasket by Flexitallic is an incredibly resilient metal-wound heat exchanger gasket that’s designed to deliver a seal with the most dynamic recovery. Change is manufactured with a 5 times thicker metal spiral fixed by a unique welding process so it requires no outer ring. Best of all, it’s proven to perform without fail at least 60% longer than any other type of heat exchanger gasket. (FLE...

Flexitallic Flange Rescue Gasket

Flexitallic Flange Rescue Gasket

The FRG enables bolted joints to be easily and effectively sealed to prevent internal corrosion. Proactive and reactive sealing solutions that save you time and money. Gets you back up and running within a day. (FLEX002)

Flexitallic I-Flex Flange Insulation Set FS-HP

Flexitallic I-Flex Flange Insulation Set FS-HP

Flexitallic I-Flex Fire-Safe Flange Insulating Set (FS-HP) is comprised of a fire safe insulating gasket (Thermiculite 725), insulating sleeves, insulating washers and metal backing washers. Designed to effect a seal and maintain electrical isolation across a wide range of seating stresses and flange classes in elevated temperature service. (PDS696)

Flexitallic I-Flex Flange Insulation Set LP

Flexitallic I-Flex Flange Insulation Set LP

Flexitallic I-Flex Flange Insulating Set (LP) is comprised of an insulating gasket (Sigma 500), insulating sleeves, insulating washers and metal washers. Designed and developed for use in pipelines that require cathodic protection. Operational temperature range: from -40 to 150 degr. Celsius. Max. flange pressure class: 300 class ASME 16.5 EN1514-1 PN40. (PDS694)