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Recognized brands and innovative solutions

Betech represent specialized and leading manufacturers but also market a number of product brands developed and owned by ourselves. This makes us able to offer the broadest range in the industry and it is your guarantee for optimum, reliable and durable solutions.

To you, our ingenious staff, own production capabilities and representation of leading brands mean a single source of all best business options!

Bent W. Steensen
Key Account Manager

So, representing leading brands and a network of manufacturing partners is a key to fulfil our mission which is: Improving your products ...


Own ingenious product brands

Based on proven technologies and innovative ideas, Betech develop and manufacture unique products and system parts in best quality for use in very different but all professional industries. Here is a selection of our own registered brands and popular trademarks.

  • Tilter® - Freedom in motion

    Tilter® - Freedom in motion

    Seat motions for active chairs. The simple concept for healthy and comfortable seating. Durable and silent. True "3D" or 360 degrees, linear and oval motion styles.

  • Fagas™ - The original seat strap

    Fagas™ - The original seat strap

    Fagas is the original strong rubber strap that provides a good and lasting comfort as seat webbing in classic armchairs and small sofas as well as new furniture.

  • Hex Nut Holder™ - Install easily and safely

    Hex Nut Holder™ - Install easily and safely

    Hex Nut Holder™ provides support during transport, hoisting and dispensing of heavy fittings. For blade installation on wind turbines and other situations.

  • Rod Protection Cover™ - No dismantling needed

    Rod Protection Cover™ - No dismantling needed

    A Stitched bellow open in long-side makes initial mount or replacement of old piston rod shieldings easy. Prolongs service interval and reduces costs.

Solution partner for recognized brands

Betech is allied distributor and experienced solution partner for several recognized product brands and leading manufacturers within industry gaskets, machine gaskets, sealing solutions, high-performance elastomers and other polymeric products.


DUBOSCHWEITZER - Bolt securing and corrosion barrier

DUBOSCHWEITZER is efficiently locking your bolts in plate or flange joints, so that they do not loosen when exposed to structural vibrations, wind pressure or mechanical stress. The system optionally form an barrier preventing galvanic corrosion. 

DUBOSCHWEITZER products in this website ...

Betech is Nordic distributor and solution partner for DUBOSCHWEITZER®.



EFFBE - Perfection in machine support

EFFBE stands for reliability, precision and the most advanced technical development when it comes to vibration-damping engine mountings, angular contact bearings, machine foots and elastomeric bearings for production plants of all sizes.

EFFBE products and content in this website ...

Betech is distributor and solutions partner for EFFBE.

More about EFFBE


Flexitallic - High quality industrial gaskets

Flexitallic is a market leader in the manufacture of static sealing solutions, delivering high quality industrial gaskets on a global scale, including acknowledged products and materials such as Thermiculite®, Sigma®, Corriculite® and Flange Rescue Gasket.

Flexitallic products and content in this website ...

Betech is Allied Distributor for Flexitallic®.

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Hallite - High performance seals for fluid power industry

For more than 110 years, Hallite Seals has been a leading manufaturer and pioneer of innovative sealing technologies and engineered sealing solutions for hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic systems, and the fluid power industry.

Hallite products and content in this website ...

Betech is Authorised Distributor for Hallite.

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HUTCHINSON Stop-choc - Vibration and shock isolation

By specializing in the design, development and production of innovative solutions to protect against the damaging effects of shock, vibration and structural borne noise, HUTCHINSON Stop-choc meets challenging applications on land, sea and air.

Stop-choc products and content in this website ...

Betech is distributor and solutions partner for Stop-choc.

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Groupe LATTY - shaft seals for OEM and service

Groupe LATTY has been designing and manufacturing industrila sealing solutions for a century in a wide variety of sectors. In Denmark, Betech advises, sells and delivers the recognized programme of rotating shaft seals by LATTY.

LATTY products, catalogues and content ... 

Betech is distributor and solutions partner for LATTY.

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