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Flexible braided packings - LubSeal

LubSeal series by Nordic Seal is a fleksible packing with an elastomer core and an outer fibre braiding.

A reservoir inside the hollow core makes it possible to add a lubricant to the seals.

Pre-shrunk and ready to install.

Extends service life.

Elastomer cores

Choose between 3 elastomer cores: EPDM / NBR / Silicone, each in 5 different hardnesses (Shore A).


Choose between 3 different fibre materials: Aramide / Polyamide / PTFE.


Choose between graphite, PTFE or none (dry).

By mixing cores and braiding materials with or without lubrication, it’s possible
to configure a unique, customised sealing solution. The flexible braided packing
is delivered as preformed rings. Various sealing profiles are possible.

Developed and manufactured in Norway.

Brand   Type / Style   Betech mat.ID  
Nordic Seal   LubSeal    

Betech is distributor and solution partner for Nordic Seal in Denmark.


Typical Applications

Shaft (rotating shaft)
Blender og mixer
Fish farming
Cogeneration plant
Agriculture equipment
Oil sealing
Process plant
Waste water
Water purification
Heating system
Water supply

Quality (QA) & Pre-qualification

ISO 9001:2008
JQS Achilles (Oil & Gas)
Sellihca (Utillities)

Sealing Solutions for Rotating Equipment

Sealing Solutions for Rotating Equipment

A complete range of mechanical shaft seals (agitator -, cartridge -, pusher -, bellow -, and split types), and braided packings – all in high-end quality for both OEM and MRO companies.

LUBSEAL - Flexible braided packings

LUBSEAL - Flexible braided packings

By mixing cores and braiding materials with or without lubrication, LUBSEAL makes it possible to configure a unique, customized sealing solution. The pre-shrunk and ready to install packing extends service life.