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Moulded rubber parts

Technical parts, membranes and valves

This is probably the most diverse group in our range, as it spans from diaphragms and valve parts to almost any mechanical/functional product made by moulding of rubber or silicone rubber in all thinkable shapes.

Rubber-to-metal bonding

There is high demand for components in which the unique properties of rubber and metal are combined. Betech has extensive experience both of the moulding process itself and of the best possible preparation of fittings used in metal-to-rubber bonding.

Micro moulding and complex tooling

Silicone rubber is a key component of much electronics and technical aids. Continually, complexity increases as more features are added while their physical size gets smaller and smaller. On top of this, market lifespan of models becomes shorter and shorter. Smaller, smarter and more advanced rubber parts are required.

Large-size moulding and jointing

One-piece moulding of items up to 200 cm in width/diameter − or more? Or jointing of profiles and other large items by means of moulding or film vulcanisation?. Depending on production method and material chosen, there are almost no limits to the size of rubber items.

Design parts for household and interior

Design parts for household articles, interior and applied art.