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One-piece moulding of items up to 200 cm in width/diameter − or more? Or jointing of profiles and other large items by means of moulding or film vulcanisation?. Depending on production method and material chosen, there are almost no limits to the size of rubber items.

Large-size moulding and jointing

Membrane for Ocean Skimmer

Membrane for use in marine water purification equipment. Manufactured by compression molding.

Round gasket made from clear silicone

Round gasket made by moulding of clear silicone. Approximate size: 70 cmØ.

Jointing of profiles and moulds (large-size)

Large formats and dimensions of rubber profiles or profile-like moulds obtained by joining during a vulcanization process.

Tank Cover Gasket

Moulded lid seal with embedded metal spacers for oil tank in hydraulic system.

Turbo Air Conduct

Bellow / flexible compensator for air inlet on heavy equipment.