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Universal dampers are used for most machine types such as pumps, compressors, transmissions, generators and motors.

Universal dampers

Shock absorbers - Cup Mounts

Suitable for protecting sensitive mobile electronic equipment and electric or mechanical equipment in for example marine applications, motors, pumps, fans and transformers. Can be fitted in any orientation.

Shock absorbers - series GB330

Shock absorber for protecting equipment in marine applications where sudden jolts or shocks occur.

Mini mountings - SLF

These mini mountings are designed to protect light-weight components and instruments against vibration and shock and to isolate small rotating machines, e.g. pumps and electric motors.

Universal mountings - series 2200

This universal mounting is designed to absorb the loads created in heavy vehicles, self-propelled equipment, large lorries and machines.

Universal mountings - RPV pads

RPV pads by EFFBE for anti-slip machine installation where there is little need for isolation or where anti-vibration mountings cannot be used.

Universal mountings - Evidgom

This universal mounting provides a high degree of isolation and is suitable for fans, compressors, generators and agitators.

Universal mountings - Paulstradyn

Universal low-height mounting for stationary equipment with rotating parts, e.g. fans, pumps, compressors and generators. Also suitable for pipes, ceiling panels, transformers and electrical enclosures.

Universal mountings - Stabiflex

A stable universal mounting suitable for most machines, including pumps, compressors, transmissions, generators and motors.