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Graphite, multilayer perf. steel FJ 2693 (premium)

FJ2693 is one of the highest grades of graphite on the market.

This High grade sealing sheet made from graphite with perforated multilayer stainless steel reinforcement, with low ash and chloride content in order to give a higher sealing performance , and low emission value. It is a sealing material with excellent mechanical properties  e.g.

  • Very high compressive strength and high rigidity
  • Long term stability of compressibility
  • Anti-stick finish
  • Achieve increased permissible gasket stress compared to other graphite products on the market.
  • Upper limit of gasket pressure is between 340 N/mm² and 230 N/mm² at 500 ºC
  • Comes with certification for fire-safe, DVGW, BAM etc.

Typical applications

  • Recommended for entire range of among tongue and groove flanges
  • Used in sealed joints to meet critical applications
  • Hazardous media applications where high gasket stress is a demand
  • Particular suitable for areas of flange unevenness, surface roughness or damaged flange faces is seen.

Suitable for use at temperatures -273º C up to 500ºC.



Quality (QA) & Pre-qualification

ISO 9001:2008
JQS Achilles (Oil & Gas)
Sellihca (Utillities)

Raw Material - indicative generic properties. Contact us for specific data

Graphite, 316/316L Multilayer tanged insert (98%), Premium | Gra-MiP

Weather resistance (relative)
(no spec.)
Ozone resistance (relative)
(no spec.)
Oil resistance (relative)
(no spec.)
Water resistance (relative)
(no spec.)
Wapor resistance (relative)
(no spec.)
Acids resistance (relative)
(no spec.)
Bases resistance (relative)
(no spec.)
Gas permeability (relative)
(no spec.)
Tensile strength (relative)
(no spec.)
Max. Operating temperature (Celsius)
Min. Operating temperature (Celsius)
Max. Surface pressure (bar)
Min. Surface pressure (bar)
Max. Working pressure (bar)