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Cork Rubber is cork granules bound with a polymer. Are used at pressures up to 5 bar and in which a small surface pressure is required. When using a cork, a lower extrusion from the compression is obtained than using, for example, pure rubber. Used as gasket in doors, hatches and manholes, in valves, transformers, actuators, gearboxes and carburettors, in inspection glasses, etc.

Gaskets made from Cork Rubber

Gasket made from rubber cork FJ 2175

FJ2175 is a cork material with nitrile rubber granulates. A highly compressible medium density cork and rubber material with good oil and fuel resistance. A cork granulate and high rubber to cork ratio results in a material with good flexibility and r...

Gasket made from cork rubber FJ 2183

FJ2183 is a medium loading cork rubber with Styrene Butadiene used for a hole range of applications. Especially suited for natural gas and LPG applications. Due to its structure, this material – which is resistant to oils and fatigue – fea...

Gasket made from cork rubber FJ 2186

FJ2186 is a cork material with silicone rubber granulates. A product with outstanding performance for anti-freeze resistance as well as extreme temperature suitability.

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