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Silicone is particularly suitable for UV and ozone-affected applications and can be used up to +230 ºC. Available with improved tear strength, fire approvals and in microbial qualites. Punched and cut in any dimension and geometric shape. Adhesive tape can be applied to one side of the gasket material.

Gaskets made from solid silicone

Rectangular gasket, grey silicone

Rectangular gasket made by mouling of grey silicone. Approximate size: 40 x 20 cm.

Round gasket, brown silicone

Round gasket made by moulding of brown silicone. Approximate size: 40 cmØ.

Round gasket made from clear silicone

Round gasket made by moulding of clear silicone. Approximate size: 70 cmØ.

Round sealing strip, grey silicone

Around sealing tape obtained by moulding of gray silicone. Approximate size: 15 cmØ. Seals between acrylic glass and lamp housing.

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