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Flange Rescue Gasket are designed for use in bolted connections that have, or may be subject to corrosion at the flange gasket surface, negating the requirement for costly and time consuming flange replacement or machining.

Flange Rescue Gaskets (FRG)

Flexitallic FRG

Flange Rescue Gasket (FRG) by Flexitallic enables bolted joints to be easily and effectively sealed to prevent internal corrosion. The soft Sigma inner ring of the FRGs conform seamlessly to the flange face, even if already damaged.

Flexitallic FRG Cryogenic Service (CS)

Flange Rescue Gasket Cryogenic Service (FRG-CS) by Flexitallic is specially designed to suit the requirements of low temperature LNG applications.

Flexitallic FRG Firesafe (FS)

Flange Rescue Gasket Firesafe (FRG-FS) by Flexitallic. Standard design suitable for most applications. Meets the requirements of API 6FB for fire safety.

Flexitallic FRG Hydroflouric Acid (HF)

Flange Rescue Gasket Hydrofluoric Acid (FRG-HF) by Flexitallic® is specially designed to suit the requirements of HF alkylation applications.

Flexitallic FRG Ring Joint (RJ)

Flange Rescue Gasket Ring Joint (FRG-RJ) by Flexitallic is a modified R-Oval or R-Octagonal with inner section matched to the bore.

Flexitallic FRG Subsea (SS)

Flange Rescue Gasket for Subsea (FRG-SS) by Flexitallic can be used for remedial repairs on corroded equipment and as a preventative solution. FRG-SS is featured a unique handle for easy and safe installation.