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Flexitallic SWG (CGI) - Thermiculite 835 filler, inner and outer ring

The material

Spiral Wound Gasket (SWG) style CGI by Flexitallic®, standard or customized. Many different combinations of materials and sizes are available. Material selection is generally dictated by application conditions namely temperature, pressure and media. A common sealing element material combination is 316 stainless steel metallic strip with graphite filler material. However gaskets made from many other material combinations are commonly available. General guidelines for filler material selection are as follows:

Thermiculite® 835

Typical applications

Spiral wound gaskets are widely used in many industries to seal a vast array of media across a wide range of temperatures and pressures.
They can be used for sealing flange joints, manhole and handhold covers, tube covers, boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, pumps, compressors and valves.
Spiral wound gaskets can be used in flanges with various flange face configurations. The type of configuration is the main determinant of the style of spiral wound gasket used.


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Betech is Allied Distributor and solution partner for Flexitallic.

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Quality (QA) & Pre-qualification

ISO 9001:2008
JQS Achilles (Oil & Gas)
Sellihca (Utillities)