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Gaskets made of different elastomers according to customer-specific design. Can, depending on the material, meet a number of industry- and authority-regulated approvals and standards.

Gaskets made from Rubber, PUR, Silicone or Plastic foam

Gasket made from solid rubber or PUR

Manufactured from different elastomers such as NBR, HNBR, EPDM, FKM  (FPM, VITON), or PUR depending on application temperature, media concentration and approval requirements. Punched or cut in any dimension and design. Different ty...

Gasket made from solid silicone

Silicone is usable up to +230 ºC and suitable for UV- and ozone-affected applications. Variants with improved tear strength, fire approval and microbial qualities are available. Silicone gaskets are punched and cut into any dimension and shape. D...

Gasket made from cellular rubber

Ideal to achieve IP class (IEC) or compensate for uneveness under low compression loads. Made from EPDM, WMQ, NBR, SBR-EPDM, NR og FKM (FPM).

Gasket made from cellular silicone rubber

Closed-cell silicone rubber is used where high resilience to the original thickness is required. Often used as gaskets in electronics and seals in smaller scale lids.

Gasket made from sponge rubber

For use at low surface pressures, when absorbing uneven surfaces, and for other purposes. Open-cell type. Typical materials are EPDM or NR/SBR. 

Gasket made from foam plastic

Foam plastic (exspanded polypropylene) excels as a flexible and relatively soft material typically used for packaging, insulation, filter gaskets etc.