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Rotating shaft seals

Radial Shaft Seals/Lip Seals

Lip seals include Oil seals (radial shaft seals, Simmer rings), V-rings, Gamma-rings and PTFE shaft seals for rotating applications with low to medium load or speed.

Braided Packings/Gland Packings

Braided packings (or gland packings) are used in valves, pumps and other rotating equipment. Different types are available for low speed/low pressure, or high speed/high pressure, or shafts subjected to intermittent shocks  - and cover all industries such as hot water, wastewater, food, oil and chemicals, slurry media etc.

Mechanical Radial Seals

All common types of mechanical shaft seals -  pusher seals, bellow seals, cartridge seals and agitator seals - in  premium quality from recognized manufacturers in France and the USA, engineered for demanding rotary applications in all industries.