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Lip seals include Oil seals (radial shaft seals, Simmer rings), V-rings, Gamma-rings and PTFE shaft seals for rotating applications with low to medium load or speed.

Radial Shaft Seals/Lip Seals


V-rings are one-piece all-rubber seals with V-shaped cross-section. The elasticity of the V-ring ensures that its body is held securely in place against the shaft while shaft rotation forces the soft lip against the counterface, forming a tight seal.

Oil seals (Simmer rings)

Oil seals (radial shaft seals, Simmer rings) are manufactured to DIN/ISO 3761 standards, with installation conditions as outlined in DIN/ISO 3760.

Gamma rings

Gamma seals are rotating axial seals designed to withstand harsh static and dynamic conditions in mobile hydraulic and transmission applications. A rubber seal lip in a metal housing effectively excludes contamination, moisture and grease.

Radial PTFE shaft seals

PTFE seals used in a rotary application usually always have a groove in the profile that acts as oil reservoir.

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