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Wind turbine applications

Betech has had a presence as a subcontractor ever since Danish wind turbine developers laid down the foundations for the global dissemination of wind power.

Together with talented engineers from pioneers and leading stakeholders such as Vestas, NEG Micon, Bonus Energy and Siemens Gamesa, Betech has designed and delivered innovative, robust solutions for a global industry that Betech incessantly will grow alongside.

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Rotor blade

Manufacture of rotor blades

Betech supplies special O-rings for use in turbine blade moulds. The O-rings are part of the sealing systems that reduce the accidental waste of epoxy and the discharges of aggressive fumes. The O-rings are therefore resistant to these substances.

Bellows from Betech protect mechanical components at the production side as the epoxy is applied. This extends the lifetime of the production equipment and allows it to retain full functionality.

Transportation and assembly of rotor blades

Epoxy can also drip on mechanical mountings when rotor blades are being transported. Bellows from Betech make transportation easier and extend service intervals for transport vehicles.

Hex Nut Holder™ is used in connection with rotor installation on large turbines. Hex Nut Holder™ is a practical aid that simultaneously simplifies the transport, hoisting and assembly of heavy nuts.

Hex Nut Holder™ retains the correct number of nuts during the transportation process, when the blade is being hoisted up, when the installation technician assumes working position in the hub allowing the nuts to be dispensed as they are needed by the installation technician.

Product types for manufacturing, transportation and assembly

Auxiliary products within assembly, transport and securing

Hex Nut Holder

Bellow, Boots and Covers

O-rings made from silicone

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Rotor hub

Hydraulic pitch system

There is an obvious, economic benefit to protecting hydraulic systems and extending their service intervals. Nevertheless, hydraulic systems are often left unprotected.

The cylinder needs to be disassembled to install a conventional, closed protective bladder. This is both cumbersome and costly. If you attempt to cover the piston rod when the cylinder is in operation, the seal will rarely be sufficient to keep dust and debris away from the system and the cover will not last long before it needs to be repaired.

Rod Protection cover™ is a sewn protective bladder that uses a practical, sealed closure along the side and effective retainers at the ends allowing it to be mounted on cylinders and piston rods without disassembling the system.

Sealing and protection of pitch cylinder

Betech supplies complete dynamic seal systems for precise control and movement of the blade pitching.

Betech supplies rubber products that are designed to provide protection if the cylinder extends its stroke.

Accumulator tank, bulkhead feed-through and manhole

Betech supplies various types of gaskets and seals that are intended to prevent the spread of oil in the event of leakage in the hydraulic system.

Product types for rotor hub


Rod Protection Cover™

Dynamic seals

Rubber and Silicone Moulding

Tank Cover Gasket


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Hydraulic tank

Tank Cover Gasket is one good example of innovation in tank cover seals, leading to product improvements through the entire hydraulic system.

Main shaft and bearings

Betech supplies efficient oil seal rings for the main shaft.

In large main bearings, conventional shaft seals do not always withstand pressure and prevent considerable bearing grease leaks. Betech has good experience in the development of effective seals for these applications.

Yaw gears and gear systems

We produce covers and unique vibration dampening for gear systems. Betech supplies materials with high resistance to abrasion, for use as seals between tower and nacelle.

Air outlets and vibrating structures

Asymmetric suction bellows and compensators between the inner and outer nacelle can simultaneously absorb vibrations and staggering between structures and prevent the accumulation of condensation water.

Product types for nacelle


Tank Cover Gasket

Dynamic seals

Bellow, covers and compensators

Urelast springs (EFFBE) 

Flange gaskets

Machined PTFE items

Moulded rubber and silicone parts


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Tower and platform

Vibration damping

To stabilise/dampen the vibrations in high towers, Betech has contributed to the development of a system of specially-designed oil-damped fenders that are suspended from the top of the tower.

Wall elements

Vario Gap Seal™ is an example of an innovative and effective way of sealing external joints between wall elements, where the outer gap between two cast iron panels can vary from 3 to 12 mm, sometimes within just a half a meter. The rough and uneven surface means that bonding and sealing with conventional sealing solutions is not possible.

Platform and panel assembly

PTFE (Sliding Pads®) anti-friction panels can be inserted between the inner platform and the steel holders on which the platform rests, to prevent wear and degradation of the steel platform’s structural frame.

Securing bolts in the panel joints prevent loose screw connections, which can be a particular challenge where connections are exposed to vibrations or offsets. Galvanic corrosion leads to destructive degradation of metal parts and is partly the result of the juxtaposition of steel and aluminium. Duboschweitzer® secure bolts can both prevent loose connections and seal against corrosion. The extra security contributes to prolonging the lifespan of the construction.

Monopile (Transition piece)

Grout Sealing is installed between the monopile and transition piece to prevent concrete leakage when assembling seabed wind turbines.

Product types for tower and platform

Customised rubber mouldings

Anti-friction Sliding Pads®

Vario Gap Seal™

Bolt securing/corrosion protection - Duboschweitzer®

Static gaskets

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Polymeric solutions for Wind Industry

Polymeric solutions for Wind Industry

An experienced team and a full-line supplier for wind turbines.

Four innovative solutions for Wind Industry

Four innovative solutions for Wind Industry

Four innovative products developed to improve wind turbines - presented in brief, on a two-sided sheet.

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