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This is how we create value for our customers

A partnership with Betech must always give a valuable yield! This is the objective we aim for and it is mostly in the form of one or more improvements to the customer's product and business:

extension of service life

enhancement of functional quality

simplification of design or engineering

Innovative contribution to product development


Cases with clear added value

The stories below are specific examples of how Betech carries out its mission of Improving your products™ in vastly different industries and applications.

Chairs and seating

Unique motion makes armchair feel excellent

Simpler logistics. More efficient production. Unique quality. Improved customer experience. All this has been achieved by the Norwegian company Brunstad, by using the Tilter® rocker bracket in their popular armchairs.

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Food processing

Energetic, bouncy rubber balls cleanse the plant breeders' crops

A bunch of hard-tested rubber balls play a tireless role in separating and cleaning crops from soil and impurities.

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Hydraulics / Wind Power

Increasing quality with multi-purpose gasket

Rethinking the existing design of an oil tank, led to the idea of a completely new, moulded seal that simplifies the task of construction and enhances the quality of the whole entire hydraulic system.

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Liquefied Natural Gas

Lightning-fast LNG bunkering

The Hou-Saelvig route is the first Danish domestic ferry to sail on liquefied natural gas, LNG. A special flange gasket plays an important role in the extremely fast bunkering system.

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Process Industry

Faster installation, longer service life

By replacing a large, fragile and insufficient graphite gasket with a robust kammprofile in optimum design, Gas Storage Denmark prevents leakages and is now up running again within half a workday when maintenance is needed: 75 percent faster than formerly.

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Safety equipment

Practical protection of vital safety equipment

A personal gas detector is an expensive yet vital piece of protective equipment . Vestteknikk has manufactured a practical rubber cover for the popular device giving the user extra safety against destructive blows and malfunctions.

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Vacuum toilet seeing rapid growth worldwide

Thanks to an significantly enhanced service life of a central spare part and other improvements, the recognised sanitary system can now be rolled out in markets where Semvac previously had to give way to competitors.

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Better operation followed emergency leak

The leading cooperation of utilities in Copenhagen area had an acute problem with shaft seals in a counter-flap valve and it was crucial to get it back into operation as soon as possible. Grønbech & Sons talk about how they took this opportunity to build in new customer benefits.

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Water and Drain

Now aquatic environment is protected from micro plastic

Rubber granulate from artificial turf is responsible for up to one fifth of all micro plastic found in Norway. Ulefos AS has developed a granulate collector that puts an effective stop to this source of pollution. Betech is supplying the rubber seals for this clever solution.

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